I'm in love! With Megan & Sam! Many moons ago Megan & I went to Saint Ursula together. Then we both headed west to Miami University (you remember... the place of a million memories). Well, fast forward a few years & I had the lovely pleasure of spending a morning with Megan & fiance, Sam.

They are the most dreamy couple I know & these are just a few of the hundreds of pictures that show it. I loved traipsing through another fall day with true love to capture a few precious moments. 

So here's their story: Megan & Sam met their senior year of high school. She was watching a soccer game with friends & somehow against the odds ended up wearing his jersey. But Sam didn't ask for Megan's name that day. That's where fate jumped in. Several months later, Megan accompanied a friend to a graduation party in Harrison. Lo & behold, it was Sam's. Five years later: we're taking their engagement photos.

Oh they just take my breath away! This is the sweetest couple in the entire world, I swear. Sometimes, scouting ahead for the perfect lighting, I would turn 'round to say something & spot Sam stealing a kiss. I absolutely loved getting to know these two.

& don't you just adore Megan's Burberry shawl?! She said she got it at Steinmart (score!). If any of you see it there.. I probably wear a medium... & I like really  love it. Like, so much.

I could've posted about a million more photos (at very least, 50) but I'll save those for the lovebirds. Megan & Sam, thank you for letting me be a part of this special time in your life. You are the sweetest.

& darling Magical Simplicity readers, I hope you enjoyed a peek of this dreamy photo shoot! Now, back to our super-fall week! xoxo. p.s. our mega gorgeous Pride & Prejudice-esque photo location is a secret gem in Indian Hill: Rheinstrom Park [map]. 


Halloween! Halloween! I used to love Halloween when I was a kid. I mean, not surprising really: candy (I love) + dressing up (I love) + usually a sleep over (because I went to a Catholic School, November 1st is All Saints Day). What's not to like?

This week I have a TON of Fall/Halloween posts for you guys. Starting with just a preview: jack o lanterns. 

Can you tell which one is mine? (It's the one on the right) (Though I love the one on the left) (It's an emoji) ;D

P.S. Anyone have a tip on how to remove my permanent marker trace before trick or treaters spot my cheat? 

& what to do with all those guts/pumpkin seeds? Why... you roast them. I'll show you tomorrow :) I hope that you all have the best halloween week. Are y'all dressing up this year? What shall you be? I need suggestions!! xoxo


This weekend I had the most magical request from two of my loveliest friends. Rachel & Casey recently got engaged & were looking for someone to photograph their save the date pictures. As you know, I love love & so happily obliged.  

Now, I've never taken photos for anyone before (except for my blogging partner in crime, Cincin-Natalie, from time to time) but guys it was so fun.  I'm serious. So. Fun. The leaves were stunning & it definitely helps that I was third wheelin' with two of my great friends. I think you could hear our laughter through the entire forest. 

I'm just so flattered that these lovebirds asked me to play a small role in this special time of their life. Thanks you two. You're just plain awesome.

& to all of you lovely Magical Simplicity Readers, I've missed you! I've been traveling a lot, but I'm back now for a solid two weeks :) I hope you are all having the most magical fall! xoxo, & thanks for reading. 


I put the Sunflower Festival on our calendar 5 weeks early. I absolutely did NOT want to miss it. 

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate & by the time this year's sunflower festival rolled around at Gorman Heritage Farm, the field was pretty... dead. That's okay though, because I got a lot of sunflower pictures earlier this fall (see those here). But Gorman Heritage Farm was still pretty cool! Smack dab in the middle of Evendale [map] are a few acres of an educational farm. I can't talk too much shop about farms (without totally embarrassing myself), so I will let my photos tell you. 

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! It is definitely  fall!! & speaking of fall, I have a fun fall recipe ready for you guys tomorrow. Check back :) XOXO & thanks for reading!


Blooms & Berries Farm Market
Sept 20-Oct31 / 10a-7p Mon-Sat / 10a-6p Sun

My sister Claire has been living in San Francisco for the past six years. Lucky for me, she's still a Midwesterner at heart. Which is why when she was in town this past weekend, we wanted to do something especially Ohio-an. Welcome to Blooms & Berries(!) a farm market in our hometown [map]. I'm so happy Claire chose to came home when she did because the "farm" part of Blooms & Berries is only open for a short six weeks of amazing fall activities.

Blooms & Berries is the perfect place to bring your family. Yes, even your grown children (like me & Claire). During the fall they open their farm for a fall festival. Think: corn maze, hay rides, pumpkin picking, apple cider tasting, petting zoos, & (my personal favorite) a SUNFLOWER FIELD

Seriously. I'm not joking. There is a sunflower field. Can you think of anything more magical or dreamy in the entire world? I dare you! 

I had a fabulous afternoon reminding Claire why Ohio is so great. We didn't really have the time for the hay ride or fall activities, but we did love  touring the farm. I even stopped by the market, which is open year round, for a half gallon of delectable apple cider & fresh cuts to take home. 

P.S. I'm using that cider for a delicious fall drink later this week!! Check back!

P.P.S... I didn't tell you all, but I got bangs! Xoxo & thanks for reading, Annie