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Ida Street Archives


Annie Heath

I'm in love! With Megan & Sam! Many moons ago Megan & I went to Saint Ursula together. Then we both headed west to Miami University (you remember... the place of a million memories). Well, fast forward a few years & I had the lovely pleasure of spending a morning with Megan & fiance, Sam.

They are the most dreamy couple I know & these are just a few of the hundreds of pictures that show it. I loved traipsing through another fall day with true love to capture a few precious moments. 

So here's their story: Megan & Sam met their senior year of high school. She was watching a soccer game with friends & somehow against the odds ended up wearing his jersey. But Sam didn't ask for Megan's name that day. That's where fate jumped in. Several months later, Megan accompanied a friend to a graduation party in Harrison. Lo & behold, it was Sam's. Five years later: we're taking their engagement photos.

Oh they just take my breath away! This is the sweetest couple in the entire world, I swear. Sometimes, scouting ahead for the perfect lighting, I would turn 'round to say something & spot Sam stealing a kiss. I absolutely loved getting to know these two.

& don't you just adore Megan's Burberry shawl?! She said she got it at Steinmart (score!). If any of you see it there.. I probably wear a medium... & I like really  love it. Like, so much.

I could've posted about a million more photos (at very least, 50) but I'll save those for the lovebirds. Megan & Sam, thank you for letting me be a part of this special time in your life. You are the sweetest.

& darling Magical Simplicity readers, I hope you enjoyed a peek of this dreamy photo shoot! Now, back to our super-fall week! xoxo. p.s. our mega gorgeous Pride & Prejudice-esque photo location is a secret gem in Indian Hill: Rheinstrom Park [map].