On The Day Your Ex Gets Married


I'm entering my fifth year of blogging. I don't talk about it, ever, but those five years = two serious boyfriends. 

Blog Boyfriend #1 got married a few weekends ago.  I didn't expect to feel any way about it. I knew it was happening, and I knew the date it was happening, but I kind of thought the page would just fall away from my mental calendar without a second glance. I mean, I live 2000 miles across the country, and I've only kept contact with one or two of our mutual friends in the three years since our break up. There was a very small chance I could stumble on a photo from the big day on social media -- but even then, I'd have to go searching for it.

I didn't think I would notice. 
But guys, the day came, and it was WEIRD.

So, how should you feel on the day your Ex is getting married? Any way you damn please. It's strange to think about someone you once shared your life with, permanently pledging their life to someone else. 

I am so, very happy in my current relationship. I am so, so thankful for my past relationships that brought me here. I feel good that my Ex found a fulfilling life partner. But it's still weird.

So, on the day your Ex gets married, here's what I suggest:

  • Acknowledge it. It's happening. It's weird. You noticed it & that doesn't mean anything besides the fact that you're a human being. 
  • Be grateful. I believe in fate, which means your Ex is your ex for a reason. There's something else in store for you.
  • It's okay to be a little nostalgic.
  • But don't forget the reasons it didn't work.
  • If you ARE dating someone, be honest with them! I told my current boyfriend what was going on. He nodded. He said, "Yea, I bet that IS weird."  And then we had an amazing day. We ate donuts, hung out with friends, took blog photos, drank too much coffee, followed it up with a few dark and stormies, chatted, walked, explored the city. It wasn't until the end of the day, laying sunburnt in my bed, that my mind wandered back to the wedding, just for a fleeting second.
  • If you're NOT dating someone: make plans! There are a lot of people in your life in the present. There's no reason to dwell in the past. 

And know this: when your Ex pledges his life to another woman, well there's no more permanent kind of closure in the world! Ha!

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Morg's Merry Maids... take NASHVILLE!


So about a week ago I came back to Ohio with an adorable southern accent. Why? Because I spent Memorial Day Weekend with these beautiful ladies, self dubbed: Morg's Merry Maids. You can look us up on Instagram ;D

We share one gorgeous, fabulous, sweet, wonderful friend, Morgan, & we gathered in Nashville to celebrate her. Going into this weekend I knew two of the bridal party. The bride (of course!) & the maid of honor. When I left, it was with so many lovely new friends. 

So I want to take this post in a few directions: 

1. Nashville. Fun! We were in the super touristy parts. We stayed at a hotel near Broadway, took a sprocket rocket, bought cowboy boots and laid out near our pool. It was really fun, but when I go back I want to do Nashville the local way -- so suggestions are 100% welcome. 

2. Bachelorette Party: Believe it or not, this is the first Bachelorette Party I had ever been to. It was really fun & I learned so much. The Maid of Honor was a pro. She literally thought of everything. There were games, personalized shirts, personalized water bottles, personalized gifts -- not just for the bride! We had an itinerary, & plastic champagne glasses, we were delivered champagne to the room, we were delivered champagne to the restaurant... are you sensing a theme? I had no idea Bachelorette Parties were such a big event! No wonder people love them. 

3. Southern Girls: are so sweet. Except for myself and the MOH, all the bridesmaids met our sweet Morgan either in college at Clemson (South Carolina) or post college in Charleston (South Carolina). They have great accents & have never met a stranger. I can't wait to see each of these wonderful women again in September when Morgan Milano becomes #HappilyEverMuller.

To happily ever afters & love all around.


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I'm in love! With Megan & Sam! Many moons ago Megan & I went to Saint Ursula together. Then we both headed west to Miami University (you remember... the place of a million memories). Well, fast forward a few years & I had the lovely pleasure of spending a morning with Megan & fiance, Sam.

They are the most dreamy couple I know & these are just a few of the hundreds of pictures that show it. I loved traipsing through another fall day with true love to capture a few precious moments. 

So here's their story: Megan & Sam met their senior year of high school. She was watching a soccer game with friends & somehow against the odds ended up wearing his jersey. But Sam didn't ask for Megan's name that day. That's where fate jumped in. Several months later, Megan accompanied a friend to a graduation party in Harrison. Lo & behold, it was Sam's. Five years later: we're taking their engagement photos.

Oh they just take my breath away! This is the sweetest couple in the entire world, I swear. Sometimes, scouting ahead for the perfect lighting, I would turn 'round to say something & spot Sam stealing a kiss. I absolutely loved getting to know these two.

& don't you just adore Megan's Burberry shawl?! She said she got it at Steinmart (score!). If any of you see it there.. I probably wear a medium... & I like really  love it. Like, so much.

I could've posted about a million more photos (at very least, 50) but I'll save those for the lovebirds. Megan & Sam, thank you for letting me be a part of this special time in your life. You are the sweetest.

& darling Magical Simplicity readers, I hope you enjoyed a peek of this dreamy photo shoot! Now, back to our super-fall week! xoxo. p.s. our mega gorgeous Pride & Prejudice-esque photo location is a secret gem in Indian Hill: Rheinstrom Park [map]. 


This weekend I had the most magical request from two of my loveliest friends. Rachel & Casey recently got engaged & were looking for someone to photograph their save the date pictures. As you know, I love love & so happily obliged.  

Now, I've never taken photos for anyone before (except for my blogging partner in crime, Cincin-Natalie, from time to time) but guys it was so fun.  I'm serious. So. Fun. The leaves were stunning & it definitely helps that I was third wheelin' with two of my great friends. I think you could hear our laughter through the entire forest. 

I'm just so flattered that these lovebirds asked me to play a small role in this special time of their life. Thanks you two. You're just plain awesome.

& to all of you lovely Magical Simplicity Readers, I've missed you! I've been traveling a lot, but I'm back now for a solid two weeks :) I hope you are all having the most magical fall! xoxo, & thanks for reading. 


My friends are starting to get married. Isn't that fun?! It started off with just a few acquaintances. I'd see it in my newsfeed, stalk the pictures on Facebook, throw a "like" here & there, but now I'm actually getting invited to the weddings... & the bridal showers.

I've been to a few showers before, but always for my cousins. So for you"my friends are getting married & I don't know how to do Bridal Showers alone"  newbies like me, I thought I'd write down a few steps for the Bridal Shower... just in case you need them :D

1.The RSVP: Don't forget to RSVP. I almost did. That would just be rude.

2. Shopping: Usually I follow my mom, sister, or cool coworker (Is there anything Katie Hayden can't do?) around the store like a lost puppy while they expertly maneuver through aisles & registries. Sometimes, I even let them do the shopping alone & throw in my monetary share later. But good news! I have seen the other side! & it's not that scary :D  My friend was registered at Pottery Barn, which, lucky for me, is right across from J.Crew & Madewell at Kenwood Mall (hellllllo, new white cotton pants). I just asked for her registry at the checkout counter, wandered around aimlessly until a nice lady nametagged Marion offered to help me, & Voila! The rest is antique silver salt & pepper shakers + pewter napkin ring  history!

3. Wrapping: Like most things in my life, I waited til the last minute for this. But if my many cousins' showers & weddings taught me one thing, it's to never underestimate the power of cellophane. It's a little known fact that everything looks better when you can sneak a peek through polka-dots.

4. The Card: I totally forgot the card. BUT I did have these amazing golden clothespins. Perfect. They remind me of the bride (sparkly & fun!) & also dressed up the fact that I forgot a card. Note: even if you don't think you have a reason to own golden clothespins, invest.

5. The Bow-quet: Of course you can never forget the Bridal Shower Bow-Quet. (The bride uses this at her Rehearsal in place of real flowers). (Here's a tutorial in case you don't know what I'm talking about.) You'll want to include ribbons or some unique feature to your gift wrapping that will make a fun little flair on the bow-quet. Like golden clothes pins.

6. Arrival: Voila. Drop that gift off at the door & grab yourself a mimosa. You deserve it.