This weekend I had the most magical request from two of my loveliest friends. Rachel & Casey recently got engaged & were looking for someone to photograph their save the date pictures. As you know, I love love & so happily obliged.  

Now, I've never taken photos for anyone before (except for my blogging partner in crime, Cincin-Natalie, from time to time) but guys it was so fun.  I'm serious. So. Fun. The leaves were stunning & it definitely helps that I was third wheelin' with two of my great friends. I think you could hear our laughter through the entire forest. 

I'm just so flattered that these lovebirds asked me to play a small role in this special time of their life. Thanks you two. You're just plain awesome.

& to all of you lovely Magical Simplicity Readers, I've missed you! I've been traveling a lot, but I'm back now for a solid two weeks :) I hope you are all having the most magical fall! xoxo, & thanks for reading.