Halloween! Halloween! I used to love Halloween when I was a kid. I mean, not surprising really: candy (I love) + dressing up (I love) + usually a sleep over (because I went to a Catholic School, November 1st is All Saints Day). What's not to like?

This week I have a TON of Fall/Halloween posts for you guys. Starting with just a preview: jack o lanterns. 

Can you tell which one is mine? (It's the one on the right) (Though I love the one on the left) (It's an emoji) ;D

P.S. Anyone have a tip on how to remove my permanent marker trace before trick or treaters spot my cheat? 

& what to do with all those guts/pumpkin seeds? Why... you roast them. I'll show you tomorrow :) I hope that you all have the best halloween week. Are y'all dressing up this year? What shall you be? I need suggestions!! xoxo