Morg's Merry Maids... take NASHVILLE!


So about a week ago I came back to Ohio with an adorable southern accent. Why? Because I spent Memorial Day Weekend with these beautiful ladies, self dubbed: Morg's Merry Maids. You can look us up on Instagram ;D

We share one gorgeous, fabulous, sweet, wonderful friend, Morgan, & we gathered in Nashville to celebrate her. Going into this weekend I knew two of the bridal party. The bride (of course!) & the maid of honor. When I left, it was with so many lovely new friends. 

So I want to take this post in a few directions: 

1. Nashville. Fun! We were in the super touristy parts. We stayed at a hotel near Broadway, took a sprocket rocket, bought cowboy boots and laid out near our pool. It was really fun, but when I go back I want to do Nashville the local way -- so suggestions are 100% welcome. 

2. Bachelorette Party: Believe it or not, this is the first Bachelorette Party I had ever been to. It was really fun & I learned so much. The Maid of Honor was a pro. She literally thought of everything. There were games, personalized shirts, personalized water bottles, personalized gifts -- not just for the bride! We had an itinerary, & plastic champagne glasses, we were delivered champagne to the room, we were delivered champagne to the restaurant... are you sensing a theme? I had no idea Bachelorette Parties were such a big event! No wonder people love them. 

3. Southern Girls: are so sweet. Except for myself and the MOH, all the bridesmaids met our sweet Morgan either in college at Clemson (South Carolina) or post college in Charleston (South Carolina). They have great accents & have never met a stranger. I can't wait to see each of these wonderful women again in September when Morgan Milano becomes #HappilyEverMuller.

To happily ever afters & love all around.


Photos edited with Lightroom & VSCOcam