Crushing on lately

Oh darlings..... I want so badly to eat chickpea tacos  from a good cook book while I make frozen dark chocolate bananas in a cute apron listening to my favorite coldplay song before a fun flea market where I may run into Honey Events or Best Day Ever Photographers. I want to online shop for cute open toed shoes & adorable lemon purses while I'm using lightroom to edit photos or snapseed on my phone which  I learned about from Studio DIY's #cantcropthis class while I was browsing for more in-studio youtube links like Bon Iver at AIR studios when I somehow also discovered snappy casual blog. 

But instead, I'm in the middle of event season. A girl can crush, can't she ;D 
What are you crushing on? Any good youtube music vids I can listen to while I'm working? Or photographers, apps or blogs I should know about? Xox.