#AllStarSummer: Visiting Mt. Adams

This summer we're hosting the MLB All Star Game! That means we have a lot of fun new people in town. So, the girls at Thread Cincinnati decided we'd like to show you around :D

Welcome to Mt. Adams! The home of Ida Street, original & blog edition. You may know already that Cincinnati was built in a valley by the Ohio River. Mt Adams is the neighborhood directly above downtown, earning our self proclaimed nickname "City on the Hill."

We're really close to the ballpark! See in this picture ;D You can Uber to Great American Ballpark in about 5 minutes, or walk in about 15. No matter which way you do it, if you're in town for the festivities, you should try to make your way up here at some point. Let me tell you why:

Long ago, Mt. Adams was a neighborhood comprised of mostly Irish and German immigrants who took the Incline downtown to work every day. Before that, it was home to Cincinnati's first vineyard. So, with that in mind, I don't think you'll  be surprised to learn, here in Mt. Adams we sure do enjoy a nice adult beverage. Let's start there:

We have a lot to offer in this arena. Mt. Adams is home to many well established bars. With great views & many outdoor patios, you'll definitely find something up your alley. Just take a walk down St. Gregory Street & you'll see them all in one place. We have:

Head to The Rookwood for a delicious meal. It's a little on the fancy side, but I usually sit on the patio or at the bar, where things are more casual. I've never been to The Celestial, but I hear it's a steak house to die for with views to match. In the mood for oriental? Good because we have Teak for a nice Thai fix! & if you're feeling in a healthy mood, mosey over to Sprout. There you'll find a light, open & airy feel with food that will keep you feeling good. 

What I love most about Mt. Adams is the many creative spaces. I live walking distance to the Cincinnati Art Museum, The Playhouse in the Park and The Krohn Conservatory. Just around the corner you'll find The Mt. Adams Pool and Eden Park. If you're still here on the 23rd, you can even enjoy cinema in the city! Take a walk, see what you find. Many of these Cincinnati staples are free to the public & will provide a nice respite if it gets too crowded downtown. 

& as you do make your down the hill, walking (there are lots of steps!) or driving, the first neighborhood you'll bump into is Historic Over the Rhine. Tamia can tell you all about that :D 

OTR: Sundry & Vice & Thread Cincinnati

It's been a week but here we are! Time for a recap! 

First: Sundry & Vice in OTR. I love it. Over in the alley behind Washington Park is the cutest little apothecary style bar. It's small, fits only about 50 people max. & It's kind of dark, so forgive my photos. But it is great. 

Tons of mixed drinks, tons of trendy people, & tonnnns of creative feel. & it's off that beaten path of Vine & Main Streets, so not very crowded yet. You will want to go in expecting to lose your pocket change...  each cocktail is $10 or more. Worth it though. Very refreshing list :D

Okay, now. Thread! Thank you everyone for coming out to support us! We're really excited for the launch of our partnership. We loved seeing all our vendors, all our partners & all of YOU. YOU are the best! I hope you had a lovely time snacking on Brown Bear's delectable desserts & talking shop with our blogtourage (nod to Liz for that catchy terminology). 

Much love going to you guys this week. I'm working pretty darn late hours at my day job, but it's so nice that every day, when I check in on Ida Street, you're here & smiling & lovely. Thank you, as always, for making my day. 


Photography: Annie Butler + Katie Holocher (Out + Outfit)


Hangover Easy: Breakfast Cures All
Mon-Fri 7a-2:30a; Sat-Sun 8a-2:30a

Hangover Easy.jpg
Hangover Easy.jpg

I had heard about Hangover Easy looooong before I finally went. Located adjacent to UC's campus just off Short Vine [map], this place is way too close to The Studio to have never made it on my brunch list. Maybe it's the proximity to a college town, or the Toledo-dwelling founding brothers' joking personas, but somehow HangOver Easy [HOE] has developed a major funny bone & it just works. I spent the morning reading about HOE fries (so good), chuckling at how "Beer is proof God loves us & wants us to be happy," but finally, "when I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading" & just dug in.

Hangover Easy.jpg
Hangover Easy.jpg
Hangover Easy.jpg

You may have already guessed by the name that Hangover Easy loves alcohol. So much so, in fact, that they open the day with a full serving bar. Mimosas? Duh. Bloody Mary's? You betchya. Jameson? They've got it on tap. (Seriously. There's seriously jameson on tap. Isn't that crazy??!) This makes it a hot spot for medical staff & other night shifters to host their "happy hour" in the early a.m. & it's also great for nearby college students battling last night's, you guessed it, hang over. Where else could you get a beer with your eggs? 

Hangover Easy.jpg

But Hangover Easy is not only for the college students & hospital staff. It's for you & your friends who love good food. I stopped in on a Saturday morning at exactly 8am. In other words, we were their first customers of the day. This gave me a great chance to take a tour of the facility, laugh at all the jokes on the wall & wish it was summer (there is a fantastic patio & green space out back). The other benefit of arriving so early was that I got to read through the whole menu. I'm always partial to breakfast, but there is some GREAT food here in all arenas. It's diner food, yes. Totally delicious diner food. 

Hangover Easy.jpg

But by far the coolest thing I learned on my little jaunt over to Corryville is that the entire area used to be a dairy farm. Hangover Easy (the building below) was the carriage house. There's an amazing open space upstairs (literally where the horses used to stay) with great event potential. Think OTR-esque. Which reminds me, Hangover Easy also has giant jenga. Yes. Eat, drink & be entertained. 

Hangover Easy.jpg

& that's the best way I can describe Hangover Easy. The next time you're feeling the urge to laugh with a few friends over breakfast (or any meal, because if you didn't notice they are open every night til 2:30am), head on down.To quote the manager I was talking to, "We definitely don't take ourselves too seriously." 


Vintage blue lace!

Mannequin Boutique 
Weds - Sat 11a-6p; Sun 12p-4p

Oh I know! You never thought the same place I found this edgy & oh so fierce pair of leather lace up pants could ever be responsible for a dainty lace number. But that's Mannequin for you!  Yep, today CincinNatalie & I are coming to you with another set of posts from Cincinnati's vintage thrift treasure box,  more commonly known as OTR's Mannequin Boutique.

Vintage blue lace!

I think every girl should own something lace. It is so delicate & feminine & has this awesome power to make you feel instantly dainty. Who doesn't like to feel dainty?! (Especially if you also ate three cookies for lunch.) (Why are cookies soooo good?!)

I could have spent hours coming up with outfit combinations for you at Mannequin. Every nook & cranny oozes good deals, great vintage & impeccable style.  The staff is so wonderful & they really know their eras! If you ever find yourself waltzing the streets of OTR with some time to kill & a bit of cash for a good cause, stop in. I think you'll be really happy you did. 

p.s. In the meantime, see more Mannequin style with Natalie's awesome & weather appropriate outfit HERE.

Vintage blue lace!

Dress: Vintage at Mannequin (similar)
Earrings: Vintage at Mannequin (similar)
Purse: Vintage at Mannequin (similar.... & 1/2 off!)
Boots: Diba Pilot Lace Up Bootie via DSW (sold out) (similar.. in black & also tan)
Photography: Natalie Folchi of CincinNatalie



Six & a half months ago I moved into an apartment entirely on my own.  It's a 450 square foot box that I've lovingly referred to throughout this blog as The Studio. I know I've shown you little corners of it.. but  I think it's high time I invited you inside  :D Welcome to my cheerful little world!


This is The Studio. My studio. This is where I write to you guys almost every single night &  where I binge watch Netflix like it's nobody's business. This is where I'm learning to cook & budget & figure out who I am & how to succeed. This little ole box is what inspired the rebranding of the blog to Ida Street.  I love this little studio.


They say everyone should try to live alone for a little while they are young.  I think it just encourages dangerous habits. (Who else ate half a pint of ice cream for dinner tonight? Nobody even knew!  Until I just told all of you....). 

I'm kidding (not about the ice cream). Living alone is a really big rite of passage. You learn how to survive when the electricity goes out every week for a month. You find out that 55 degrees is a pretty acceptable temperature to live in -- mostly because its the one you can afford. & cooking actually isn't so scary. & crock pots are a girl's best friend. 


But mostly, when you live alone, you learn about yourself. & that's some pretty good company.  Anyway!! Sorry to get all sentimental on you guys! I just really love this studio. Want a quick tour?


Remember way back when I told you about Building the Corner Coffee Bar? It's still here. & I still love it. This is where I sit when I'm working from home. A perfect little place to work & look up to people watch the inhabitants of Mt. Adams.


With less space in the studio I had to get creative about surfaces. Purses went on the wall. Hats went onto hooks. & pictures went onto the fridge. (Here's that post on Instagram Fridge Magnets.... that was one of the first things I did here!)   & don't worry guys -- my drafting table did fit. I made sure of it.


One thing I didn't realize until I lived alone is how your space unconsciously becomes... well you. 

It's where your life unfolds & where you can be you. The un-make-upped, unassuming, un guarded self. I love that. It's how a 450 square foot box can become your home. 


Photography: Mintwood Photo Co.

P.S. I've had this post in the works for a long time. Since July. While my slightly messy morning routine definitely delayed the process (it's not true that a small space is easier to keep clean!!), the real push to publish came from Urban Compass. They're a real estate platform focused on connecting individuals with the neighborhoods, apartments & homes  that best fit their personality. Thank you for asking me to share my Starter Story & finally invite you all inside the studio. I'd love to hear about your first homes in the comments :D