#AllStarSummer: Visiting Mt. Adams

This summer we're hosting the MLB All Star Game! That means we have a lot of fun new people in town. So, the girls at Thread Cincinnati decided we'd like to show you around :D

Welcome to Mt. Adams! The home of Ida Street, original & blog edition. You may know already that Cincinnati was built in a valley by the Ohio River. Mt Adams is the neighborhood directly above downtown, earning our self proclaimed nickname "City on the Hill."

We're really close to the ballpark! See in this picture ;D You can Uber to Great American Ballpark in about 5 minutes, or walk in about 15. No matter which way you do it, if you're in town for the festivities, you should try to make your way up here at some point. Let me tell you why:

Long ago, Mt. Adams was a neighborhood comprised of mostly Irish and German immigrants who took the Incline downtown to work every day. Before that, it was home to Cincinnati's first vineyard. So, with that in mind, I don't think you'll  be surprised to learn, here in Mt. Adams we sure do enjoy a nice adult beverage. Let's start there:

We have a lot to offer in this arena. Mt. Adams is home to many well established bars. With great views & many outdoor patios, you'll definitely find something up your alley. Just take a walk down St. Gregory Street & you'll see them all in one place. We have:

Head to The Rookwood for a delicious meal. It's a little on the fancy side, but I usually sit on the patio or at the bar, where things are more casual. I've never been to The Celestial, but I hear it's a steak house to die for with views to match. In the mood for oriental? Good because we have Teak for a nice Thai fix! & if you're feeling in a healthy mood, mosey over to Sprout. There you'll find a light, open & airy feel with food that will keep you feeling good. 

What I love most about Mt. Adams is the many creative spaces. I live walking distance to the Cincinnati Art Museum, The Playhouse in the Park and The Krohn Conservatory. Just around the corner you'll find The Mt. Adams Pool and Eden Park. If you're still here on the 23rd, you can even enjoy cinema in the city! Take a walk, see what you find. Many of these Cincinnati staples are free to the public & will provide a nice respite if it gets too crowded downtown. 

& as you do make your down the hill, walking (there are lots of steps!) or driving, the first neighborhood you'll bump into is Historic Over the Rhine. Tamia can tell you all about that :D