OTR: Sundry & Vice & Thread Cincinnati

It's been a week but here we are! Time for a recap! 

First: Sundry & Vice in OTR. I love it. Over in the alley behind Washington Park is the cutest little apothecary style bar. It's small, fits only about 50 people max. & It's kind of dark, so forgive my photos. But it is great. 

Tons of mixed drinks, tons of trendy people, & tonnnns of creative feel. & it's off that beaten path of Vine & Main Streets, so not very crowded yet. You will want to go in expecting to lose your pocket change...  each cocktail is $10 or more. Worth it though. Very refreshing list :D

Okay, now. Thread! Thank you everyone for coming out to support us! We're really excited for the launch of our partnership. We loved seeing all our vendors, all our partners & all of YOU. YOU are the best! I hope you had a lovely time snacking on Brown Bear's delectable desserts & talking shop with our blogtourage (nod to Liz for that catchy terminology). 

Much love going to you guys this week. I'm working pretty darn late hours at my day job, but it's so nice that every day, when I check in on Ida Street, you're here & smiling & lovely. Thank you, as always, for making my day. 


Photography: Annie Butler + Katie Holocher (Out + Outfit)