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Ida Street Archives


Annie Heath

Coffee Emporium. Really Good Coffee.
Mon-Fri 6:30a-8p / Sat-Sun 7a-8p

This post is o.v.e.r.d.u.e. I have been meaning to write these Coffee Emporium posts since I rebranded the blog. In fact, a lot of the rebranding for Magical Simplicity was  inspired at Coffee Emporium. I. love. Coffee Emporium. So much. There are multiple CE locations, so I want to spread these posts out. Each one has a unique personality. We shall start in OTR.

Coffee Emporium OTR is located on Central Parkway [map]. Conveniently one block away from my old office. I used to rack up major points on My Coffee Emporium Tab (you get a free drink every 12 drinks you purchase) (I have three waiting in my queue) because I stopped in every morning on the way to work & came back for a decaf refill (& a Donna's Gourmet Cookie) at lunch. 

I consider Coffee Emporium the gateway to the rest of OTR. &, as such, it shines with OTR qualities. The baristas are awesome & hipsters. There are plug outlets in the ceilings. All of the furniture is perfectly mismatched. Local art colors all the walls. But it's not just local art -- Coffee Emporium is 100% local. I guess I can't say that - because the beans come from South America (see above). But as soon as they arrive, they're roasted at the OTR location & served on site. (& distributed to other CE locations across the city).

Because of the full kitchen in back, OTR has a delicious menu [here] & you better  believe that the ingredients are as local as they get. + every weekend they make waffles. Danggg guys, are they good! (Might they even give Taste of Belgium a run for their money?)

Coffee Emporium has a nice industrial feel. If you stay for a while you're going to see friends catching up, business meetings happening, people reading & working, this girl blogging. Its always a buzz of activity.

& it's all fueled by some REALLY GOOD COFFEE