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Annie Heath

Like a lot of girls my age, I am trying to make ends meet. I juggle student loans, rent, utilities, groceries, bills + random expenses (& man do they pop up!) & I really love it. No joke! I love to pay for these things! I know that with every dime I spend I am building my credit, gaining my financial independence + establishing myself as an adult. But, still, sometimes I fantasize about a day when money won't be so tight.

What I want to tell you awesome YPs today sounds simple. While its super important to be fiscally responsible; While the two egg + salsa dinners are a smart go-to; While I definitely won't judge you for re-using dryer sheets; Every once in a while, it's important to treat yourself.

This is the tale of my only designer purse.

Let me take you back to 2011. I was a senior in college. I  had held 12 part time jobs since entering the work force (starting at age 10, mind're talking to a former paper girl!). I was knee deep in the search for a post-grad job that utilized my hot-off-the-press college education. But, for me, applying for jobs + taking classes + two spring semester co-ops + seriously dating + trying to make everlasting memories... well it equaled out to utter mind-chaos. So, as an incentive to do it all, I promised myself the day I landed a full time, salaried gig I would purchase my first designer hand bag: a Kate Spade purse. (Side note, I was obsessed with Kate Spade's branding for Twirl  at the time.) (Still am.)

Countless applications & interviews later, I did get the offer. I was starting as a full time Receptionist that did part-time PR at an integrated advertising agency downtown. "But," I said to myself, "It's part-time PR. As soon as I have a full time PR job... then I'll buy the purse."

Fast forward 11 months: Communications Manager at my current company. "But," I said to myself, "I haven't proven anything! As soon as I am promoted.... then I'll buy the purse." Another year & a half: Senior Marketing + Communications Manager. I've marketed & organized over 45 successful events. "But, I know I can still do better... I can't get it yet..."

See, the thing is, I know you. I know you find a reason to come back to Magical Simplicity every day (Huge thank you so much for doing that by the way! I love you guys so much!). But that means somehow, in some way, you are similar to me. & guys, we were on a fast track to never owning that purse.

As you can see... I changed my mind :) What happened? A friend called me out as a perfectionist. (She was partially right. I'm a selective perfectionist.) (& if you've seen the trunk of my car, you know I selected not to be a perfectionist there...). But that put my head in a whole new place. A place where I realized I've been minimizing my accomplishments as "not yet perfect." & guys, I would never do that to someone else. So, why should I do it to myself?

Shortly after that conversation, I was visiting my sister in New York & we stumbled upon (Kate Spade) SATURDAY. I saw this purse the moment we walked through the door. Well, truthfully, I saw the classic leather edition - but my seasonal blush choice was on an end-of-season sale (Don't you just love Kate Spade colors?!?) (I especially love them for 50% off.) (Smirk emoji). I feel so pretty & so  cosmopolitan walking around town with this cross my body. & what I love even more is what it symbolizes: three years of real accomplishments. & myself, owning them.

What I want to remind you, my lovely, lovely readers, is that you deserve the purse. You deserved it a long time ago. You need to stop minimizing your accomplishments. You are a living, breathing slice of magic. It's time to start treating yourself that way.

I'll close out with a blooper because I'm certainly no perfectionist here :) & also, if you're wondering....

PurseSATURDAY All Along Mini Satchel 
Shirt: C&C California via TJMaxx 
Skirt: Pyrus-London (old) 
SweaterAmerican Eagle Open Sweater
Shoes: Jack Purcell (old). 
Photography:  Natalie Folchi (Cincin-Natalie)