Making Coffee Popsicles

Welcome, welcome, welcome!! To the very first blog post from my new apartment! It seemed only fitting that while my entire life (read: the few things I brought with me from Cincy during my trial vacation that turned into a full time life + few things I picked up at the thrift store since I've been here + few things I carried home from Target, Bed Bath & Beyond & Ikea on the Bart) lay in boxes around me, I should get to know the local coffee brands. 

I've been trying to buy locally to get familiar with my new part of the country & this bag of beans came from the boutique (yes, boutique) grocery store down the street: Real Food Co. I'm a sucker for good coffee, but, sometimes, even I have extra. I've tried coffee ice cubes & cold pressed coffee alternatives, but when I saw this Buzz Feed video, I knew immediately there was going to be a new type of iced coffee in my life:


Making Coffee Popsicles

You will need:

  • Chocolate Chips
  • Condensed Milk
  • Wooden Coffee Stir
  • Freezer
  • Shot Glasses
  • Tinfoil
  • Coffee


One of my first purchases for the new place was shot glasses, specifically with this post in mind. BUT, If you'd like to learn about ManMosas, give me a shout and I can use them again! Teaser: beer + shot + oj = very delish. Interestingly these shot glasses were $1.50 at the thrift store and only $2 at the hardware store. So glad I invested the extra fifty cents. I'm sure, Matt and Alyssa had a lovely wedding here in SF three years ago, but I don't need the memorabilia myself;D 

Anyway, here we go! Pour your extra coffee into the shot glasses, don't fill it up all the way - we will be adding a few things.

Making Coffee Popsicles
Making Coffee Popsicles

Use your wooden coffee stir (I picked up three at a local coffee shop -- after I bought a cup of coffee, of course!) to stir in a bit of condensed milk to the shot glass. This gives the popsicle a more creamy, dessert like consistency.

Making Coffee Popsicles
Making Coffee Popsicles

Drop in a few chocolate chips to each!

Making Coffee Popsicles

Use the tinfoil to position your coffee stir in the middle of the popsicle. Freeze for two+ hours (I think I did six hours).

Making Coffee Popsicles

Remove from the freezer and run under warm water to loosen your popsicle. Andddddd.... ENJOY a jolt of energy with this low guilt dessert :D

Coffee Popsicles

Photos: Nikon D3200
Edits: VSCO filters for Lightroom

Cold pressed iced coffee [video]

Coffee. I want it. I love it. I need it. But in this summer swelter, sometimes I can't handle the hot stuff. So lately I've had it in my head to brew my own cold concentrate. I thought it would be more economical than buying iced coffee every morning at one of my fave coffee shops. & I think it will be more economical.. when I get it all figured out.

So I took a shot. I don't have it perfect yet, but I do have it documented. & I made a video!! Wanna see?

A few notes:

1. Your coffee beans should be ground on coarse (as pictured above). 
2. I did a 1:2 ratio of coffee grounds:water for the concentrate 
3. & a 1:3 ratio of concentrate:water. 

Confession: It wasn't quite enough. I need it stronger & I need more of it. So let me figure out the right ratios & get back to you ;D

Video: Shot with Nikon D 3200/Edited in iMovie
Music: Highway 101 by The Losers
Photos: Nikon D 3200/Edited in Lightroom with VSCOcam


Iris BookCafe & Gallery
Mon-Thurs 8a-9p; Fri 8a-7p; Sat 10a-7p; Sun 11a-9p

Books. Photography. Art. Secret garden. Welcome to Iris BookCafe in the heart of Cincinnati's OTR [map]. Here, the food is local & the books are global. Can you imagine a better combination? Oh wait! Coffee. There is coffee. & it's Coffee Emporium coffee (another Magical Simplicity coffee crush!) (which you can read about here). Now can you imagine anything better? Didn't think so.

I first read about Iris BookCafe in City Beat's 2014 Eats Staff Picks. They dubbed this oasis as the Best Winter Warm-Up. The way they described it made me imagine a secret, warm, cozy, awesome, vegetarian haven. AKA: My dream. 

Oh guys, it seriously is all of that & more! Tucked away in the middle of our bustling city (just across from Park + Vine) (which is ironically on Main Street) is a true  gem. & outside through the back, shielded from all the bustle by its neighbors' walls, is an ivy clad solace. They've crowned it: The Courtyard.

My sisters & I spent a wonderful morning at Iris & I think it will be the first of many. My only complaint is, how have I not ever stumbled upon this magic little slice of a Cincinnati fairy tale before?

Stop by Iris Bookcafe. It's what dreams (well at least my dreams) are made of.


Velocity Bike & Bean
Tues-Fri 8a-5p; Sat 9a-4p

Welcome to Velocity Bike & Bean! You may remember when I (read: my sister) discovered this life changing find HERE. & if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know I'm here a lot.  Velocity happens to be less than a mile away from my office. Located on Burlington Pike in Florence, KY [map], it's actually just one half mile away.

In the back of the building, Velocity is a full service bicycle shop. In front, it's serious coffee. There is a really relaxed air at Velocity. Chill music & tinkerings of bicycle fixing all about. Every table is adorned with a coffee decoration: Teapot Lamps, French Press Terrariums, Burlap Bean Chairs, the list goes on. 

What I love about Velocity is how it brings together two things that, at least here in the Midwest, don't usually come as a pair: cycling & artisan coffee. It's a place where cyclists & coffee drinkers are both welcome. 

Best of all, it's a total family affair. Velocity was started by Mark & Lisa Ball. It's their family who still staffs the front & back of the bike & bean. & guess who they just so happen to be friends with? The Carabello's!! Remember them?!? (If not, read more HERE.) In fact, when the Carabello's first started roasting, it was in an empty room at Velocity. 

Makes it no surprise that Velocity still serves the delicious beans today.

It's a really neat place, Velocity. & lucky for me, they don't mind when I come with my work computer to knock out a few hours of a script off site. God bless everyone who introduced me to this Northern Kentucky Gem. 


I live + breath coffee. But sometimes even I have a little extra french press in the morning. Pouring the life source down my kitchen sink was torture (torture I tell ya!), so I took to refrigerating the extra liquid gold to later add ice + serve cold.


I saw this unbelievable idea from Offbeat + InspiredCoffee Ice Cubes. Seriously?! How have I never thought of that?! I hopped on board immediately + have been decorating my Almond Milk (both vanilla + chocolate) (though I love the chocolate more, obviously). It takes a little while to infuse, but it's sooo good. 

Cheers! To never wasting the end of another good french press! + to every new way I can consume coffee on this Monday :)