Velocity Bike & Bean
Tues-Fri 8a-5p; Sat 9a-4p

Welcome to Velocity Bike & Bean! You may remember when I (read: my sister) discovered this life changing find HERE. & if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know I'm here a lot.  Velocity happens to be less than a mile away from my office. Located on Burlington Pike in Florence, KY [map], it's actually just one half mile away.

In the back of the building, Velocity is a full service bicycle shop. In front, it's serious coffee. There is a really relaxed air at Velocity. Chill music & tinkerings of bicycle fixing all about. Every table is adorned with a coffee decoration: Teapot Lamps, French Press Terrariums, Burlap Bean Chairs, the list goes on. 

What I love about Velocity is how it brings together two things that, at least here in the Midwest, don't usually come as a pair: cycling & artisan coffee. It's a place where cyclists & coffee drinkers are both welcome. 

Best of all, it's a total family affair. Velocity was started by Mark & Lisa Ball. It's their family who still staffs the front & back of the bike & bean. & guess who they just so happen to be friends with? The Carabello's!! Remember them?!? (If not, read more HERE.) In fact, when the Carabello's first started roasting, it was in an empty room at Velocity. 

Makes it no surprise that Velocity still serves the delicious beans today.

It's a really neat place, Velocity. & lucky for me, they don't mind when I come with my work computer to knock out a few hours of a script off site. God bless everyone who introduced me to this Northern Kentucky Gem.