For some time I have been searching for a tagline for Magical Simplicity. Remember that e-course I am taking by A Beautiful Mess? Well it really has been helping me focus on the branding of Magical Simplicity. Unfortunately, it's been really hard to describe what we do here in just a few words. Until I was wandering around West Village with Colleen during my long weekend to New York. She was showing me around town when a mural caught my eye. & in the mural was a tiny message.

"In pursuit of magic."

That's it. Magical Simplicity is living your life in pursuit of magic. & magic, well that's a state of mind. & your state of mind is controlled by your thoughts. So if you choose to look at everything as positive & magic & awesome & wonderful & lovely & fun, then one day you'll wake up & realize that's really your life. It's no accident that the universe sends us these tiny moments. It's just a question of whether you choose to pursue them. 

P.S. Right after I saw this mural we walked into one of New York's Famous Cupcake Shops. Nothing is a coincidence.