Welcome to Mt. Lookout Square! Est 1870. While it's brimming with fun restaurants & bars, I'll admit to a favorite duo. I told y'all that CincinNatalie & I are trying to host monthly brunches. Well, we were a little late for May because of Derby. So last weekend we hopped over to Annabel's on Delta Ave for Saturday Brunch.

This was my first visit to Annabel's, but, I've already heard a lot about it. Word on the street is Annabel's is a hot commodity. So, I dropped in early to put our name in for a three top - expecting much more than the 25 minute wait they assigned. They took down my phone number (love it!), so I was free to roam the Square in the Seattle-like drizzle that's been plaguing our city.

Naturally, I gravitated across the Square for a cup o joe.  Lookout Joe  is the coolest. First of all - they have the best hours. 6:30a until 10p. I'm pretttty  addicted to caffeine (greet me with a cup of coffee in the morning & I'll probably kiss you straight on the lips). 10p is appreciated.

The smell of espresso hits like a wall the moment you walk through that adorable blue door. Partially because Lookout Joe roasts their coffee beans right at the window. I'm told it happens every week day. So... if anyone is up to play hooky & learn about roasting... you know where to reach me.

Serve yourself & then head up to checkout. (DO buy a Donna's cookie on the way. You'll regret it if you don't.) The vibe is pretty chill & artsy too. There are some couches & some tables & an outdoor patio. The baristas use words like "darling."

We stayed until my phone started buzzing & then crossed the street again, to the cutest little brunch spot in all the land.

Annabel's is tiny. So tiny, in fact, that they don't have a website. Everything is local (including the coffee - turns out they get it at Lookout Joe!), & every menu item has a twist. (Think pancakes made with corn flour... it kind of tastes like corn bread. Delicious pancake corn bread.) I'm also a huge fan of the tunes. Felt like I was listening to my Bon Iver pandora station.

If you're a girl like me, you'll make any excuse to go out to breakfast. I hope you happen upon this post between Thursday & Sunday from 9a & 1p. Then you can head over to Mt. Lookout for my power duo . & let me know what you think :D