I spent four years of my life in this tiny little town in the middle of corn fields in a pretty southern, very western corner of Ohio. We did strange things there, like avoided the campus seal  in the middle of Academic Quad, rubbed turtles heads before exams, kissed under Upham Arch (okay, I actually didn't do that myself, but the mergers...), wore greek letters across all our clothes, bought steamed bagel sandwiches in the middle of the night, named our houses. It was a lot of growing up &, more importantly, a lot of friends.

I haven't stepped foot in that Southwestern Ohio Neverland since I became a Miami Alum in May of 2012 - until this Memorial Day Weekend.

I lived in a house with seven other girls, it was called The Blumpkinn. We shared two bathrooms. (How?!? I'm unsure. Like, really, it's a mystery.) This weekend four of our eight (+ two important boyfriends & two amazing non-housemate friends) were reunited. We caravanned from Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Baltimore (thank you Leisa & Sam for making that long  drive!!) to go home. Back to Oxford, Ohio.

I can't exactly tell you how it felt to be back, (yes I can: nostalgic, lovely, amazing, sunburnt, crazy, fun, delicious, happy, wonderful...... but my list still goes on) so, I'll let these photos tell my story.

I asked them to two step, to recreate their first date for me. They obliged. How cute are they?

Yes, the answer to your question is yes. People do get them confused.

There's this song that we used to sing - apparently it was for athletic events (can you tell I wasn't really into sports?). It went: Love & honor to Miami, Our college old & grand // Proudly we shall ever hail thee, Over all the land // Alma mater now we praise thee, Sing joyfully this lay // Love & honor to Miami, Forever & a day. 

At the time, I just sang along for the sake of singing (I mean, I  do have the voice of an angel) (just kidding) (really I'm kidding, you don't want me to sing). I didn't think about it. But I have now.

That forever & a day part - it's not talking about Oxford. Maybe a little, but mostly it's saying how, no matter where we go, where we've been, or where the future takes us... it's the people that Miami gave us. That's where you'll find home. For forever. & a day.

Photog: Annie Butler & Sam Scorza