A few weeks ago I went to Concert:Nova's Re:bel at Rhinegeist Brewery. It was all about rebelling against tradition: an Anti-Gala with scrumptious buffet spread from Jeff Thomas, but then also a surprise delivery of boxes & boxes of pizza; We had donuts for dessert instead of breakfast (God bless you, Holtman's!); There was very unassigned seating at community tables & we listened to the entire concert from folding chairs. There was dancing, video installations, live painting, harpists, countertenors, the list is endless & counterintuitive.

We wore delightfully rebellious clothes & tried to be as hip as possible. & the music, oh the music! So intriguing, intoxicating, thoughtful -- rebellious.

There are just some things that make you feel really cool, ya know? Rhinegeist on a Sunday night at a semi-secret anti-concert celebrating rebellion, that's one of those things.