Where on Earth did April disappear?! A quick look back at my faves & a cheers to the start of May tomorrow! I smell summer, people!

March 12 marked my one year workaversary at Prolanthropy. But we were all traveling & super duper busy that month (which is great!!). So in April, they sent this beautiful bouquet of flowers to the office.

Cincinnati Ballet's preview of Over the Rhine Live.  Seriously, could this be any more flirty or fun?!? I love how it shows off my favorite part of the city & all the moves me & the dancers share (joking) (queue my hanging robot arm).  I so wish I was in town for the actual performance! Did you just love it?

Amazing photo  from incredible photographer, whom I don't know but do thank! 

Amazing photo from incredible photographer, whom I don't know but do thank! 

I used to work at Music Hall, way back in my interning days with the Cincinnati OperaTHIS article emerged in April about some pretty awesome facts on our cultural icon. Though I haven't seen any paranormal activity at Music Hall, I do believe a ghost once stole a bag of my media kits...

I heard Coldplay's Magic on the radio for the first time mid-April & subsequently returned home, bought it, & listened on repeat for the rest of the month. Magic, love, heroism, beauty, stories, tunes - it's everything I love wrapped into one fave song.

Meet my cousin (groom) & his blushing new bride. On April 26 they tied the knot in the cutest little town on the Jersey Shore that I have ever seen. The wedding was perfect. I've never feasted, boogied or loved so much in a single day. I was honored to read the second reading at Mass (you know it, I'm sure, love is patient, love is kind...).It was ideal for me, obsessed with love as I am. I couldn't possibly tell you how amazing the whole weekend was - so search #LuckeyDavisWedding to see for yourself :D

Right about now, I picture y'all saying, "Oh my God, Annie, we know." But in case you didn't catch it from this post & then this one too, relaunching & rejoining you all here at Magical Simplicity is absolutely my favorite thing. Shout out to my decade-old friendshipin the lovely Jenna who always supports. She took the rudimentary drawing I handed her of a new logo vision & made it into something beautiful (above). Isn't it just magical?!

Three Cheers for April! It's really been something else :D