Hello, summer! & some recent crushes


Memorial Day Weekend!!! Does anyone else think instantly of the neighborhood pool opening when they hear those three words? I mean, it's the official start of summer, right?! 

Speaking of summer, I just have a few things to get out into the blogosphere that I'm really pumped for: this weekend last year, I was on a trip to Nashville to celebrate one lovely Bride. & in few weeks, I'll be making the trip again to celebrate another! In mid June, I'm going on a little weekend flash trip to Half Moon Bay, then jetting off to Nashville for the bachelorette party. In July I'll be traveling again, first to Lake Michigan for some family time, then to Cleveland for my bestie's wedding(!!!!!!!), then heading down to Cincinnati for a few days at home. In August I'm camping for the first time EVER... & I'm starting with a bang! Yosemite National Park, here I come! Later that  month, I'm flying back to Michigan for a quick work trip. In September, my mom is visiting & my sister, mom and I are driving out to Big Sur. Phew. It's going to be a busy but awesome summer!

But I'm bringing it in nice and slow, just the way I like it  :) I'm spending Memorial Day Weekend in San Francisco. Maybe the weather will cooperate & I can head over to a beach & sport my new America Spirit Jersey. 

I hope you have an amazing weekend. & in the meantime, take a read at my recent crushes below (because I know you have too much spring, I mean summer, fever to be focused on the work day). 


Photos: Nikond3200 35mm / Edits: Adobe Lightroom 

Crushing on Lately

City Girl

Hi, hi, hi! How was your week? It was a rough one coming back from that long Holiday break, amirite? I mean, geeze louise!

Anyway, I've been working a lot on my little studio, carrying things one at a time from my office in San Mateo, a mile to Caltrain station, 17 miles to the city, 2 miles on Muni and then walk it another half mile to my apartment. I'm that silly girl you see with stools, carpets, table legs and calendars on all the public transportation 😂 Hopefully I'll have something to share with you soon! Want to see some before pics? I can show those!

So. Let's talk crushes:

Photos: Nikond3200 35mm / Photographer: Jacob HeathEdits: Adobe Lightroom / Wearing: Top - Lush Sleeveless, Poncho - borrowed, similar.


What Happened in 2015?

Ida Street Blogs 2015 in Images

I remember New Years Eve last year so well. I was sitting on my little love seat at Ida Street, getting ready to launch a new blog name, looking for 2015 sunglasses on my way home from the gym and finishing this blog post.

My how things have changed.

I don't think I ever stepped foot in a gym... so, there's that. Note to self: change that in 2016 😳. But, as you can tell from my top 9 instagrams of the year (above), there were some pretty magnificent moments, as well:

It was a momentous year for sure. There were some ups, and a lot of downs, but I know each moment brought me to this one. The moment where I can sit on my arm chair, wonder if there is such a thing as 2016 glasses, remind myself that I need to make healthier resolutions, and say alas, all is well. 

Be safe tonight, dear ones! I'll be back with you in the new year! xox

Crushing on lately...

Oh guys. Hi :D I have some updates: A few weeks ago I had a kitchen accident and cut my hand. Ouch! I could type, but after my full work day (marketing) (read: typing a lot) I couldn't muster much hand stamina to blog,. I had to rely on the posts I had in stock (two) but those went really fast and I had to miss you guys terribly.  Finally, on Friday, I got my stitches out (yay!), but the next day I got sick. My days have consisted of work, sleep and DayQuil since. But, now, here we are, back in action :D

Happy updates! My friend Natalie is coming to visit me in less than TEN DAYS! I can't wait to host my first official visitor in SF! & with that, I can introduce this beautiful photo. Recognize it? I geeked over it (and immediately bought this exact flavor) when Natalie posted this picture last week. Which leads me into my last note: I want to host a photo sharing space. Would you guys be into that? I'm not sure of the details yet but I've been tossing around the idea for a while.

Let me know. & in the meantime... some crushes: 

Photo by: Natalie Folchi of  Natalie Was Here

Photo by: Natalie Folchi of Natalie Was Here

Crushing on lately...

Lake Tahoe

Pretty, isn't it? It's hard to remember, in the midst of that daily grind, how pretty my new state is. It's been good, mostly. But it's also a little hard. I've been here for almost two months. That's two rent payments, one piece of furniture, a few kitchen supplies, and as of this weekend, a fan (finally!). The fan will be a game changer. 

California is a whole new animal. But it's going to be cool to tame it. Yesterday I cut my evening commute down to 80 minutes (rather than *gasp* 2 hours and 40 minutes on some nights). I think that's a really good start. Anyway, how are YOU!? I miss you guys! I wrote down a few of my current crushes, but really I'm just dying to hear yours. Let me have it!

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