Crushing on lately...

Lake Tahoe

Pretty, isn't it? It's hard to remember, in the midst of that daily grind, how pretty my new state is. It's been good, mostly. But it's also a little hard. I've been here for almost two months. That's two rent payments, one piece of furniture, a few kitchen supplies, and as of this weekend, a fan (finally!). The fan will be a game changer. 

California is a whole new animal. But it's going to be cool to tame it. Yesterday I cut my evening commute down to 80 minutes (rather than *gasp* 2 hours and 40 minutes on some nights). I think that's a really good start. Anyway, how are YOU!? I miss you guys! I wrote down a few of my current crushes, but really I'm just dying to hear yours. Let me have it!

Photo: iPhone5s / Edits: VSCOcam for Lightroom