Late Summer Fashion: Skirt and Sweater

Crazy for scalloped skirts

Let me tell you a tale of a girl who fell in love with a place. It was a magical land. Sure,  it was hot and humid all summer. Yes, true, it was bitterly cold in the winter months. But... every year, this magical land in the Midwestern United States would boast a few perfect days with a shining sun that warmed the skin to a dreamlike perfection.....

This was not one of those days.

Hi guys! Did you miss me? It seemed like time stopped in my whirlwind last few weeks. I flew home, spent some much needed hours with my family and a few friends before I moved out of my favorite apartment on the ever-perfect Ida Street. It took a lot of clorox, bruises and... SWEAT. That's right, Ohio. You saved up all your summer swelter for me. Coming from SF I wasn't used to 95 degrees with 90% humidity. You just wanted to give me one last taste of home ;D

BUT, in the spirit of nostalgia and to toast the many, many times we've done this before, Natalie and I spent Labor Day  afternoon away from the Clorox and sweating our way through one last marathon set of photos on Ida Street. 

So here you have it: one of four outfits I found in a closet I hadn't seen in 8 weeks. I'm very originally calling this ensamble the end of summer "skirt and sweater." Perfect for the day I wore it? HECK NO. It was way too hot. Perfect for both SF and Ohio weather today, why yes, yes it is. 

I smell fall in the air. Or maybe it's just a pumpkin spice latte ;D

Circle Sunnies, deep V
Skirt and Sweater
Two Color Scallop Skirt

Sneaks: Jack Purcell
Skirt: Fossil (before they cancelled their clothing line). Cannot find similar, but could possibly layer for this look?
Sweater: JUICY COUTURE.. can you believe it! High school dayz, my friends! Similar.
Sunnies: NYC street vendor. Similar. More Similar, but expensive. 
Earrings: Bought them literally off the ears of an artist/bar tender in Tahoe. Similar.
Photos: by Natalie Was Here / NikonD3200 35 mm / Edits with VSCO Filters for Lightroom