What Happened in 2015?

Ida Street Blogs 2015 in Images

I remember New Years Eve last year so well. I was sitting on my little love seat at Ida Street, getting ready to launch a new blog name, looking for 2015 sunglasses on my way home from the gym and finishing this blog post.

My how things have changed.

I don't think I ever stepped foot in a gym... so, there's that. Note to self: change that in 2016 😳. But, as you can tell from my top 9 instagrams of the year (above), there were some pretty magnificent moments, as well:

It was a momentous year for sure. There were some ups, and a lot of downs, but I know each moment brought me to this one. The moment where I can sit on my arm chair, wonder if there is such a thing as 2016 glasses, remind myself that I need to make healthier resolutions, and say alas, all is well. 

Be safe tonight, dear ones! I'll be back with you in the new year! xox