Crushing on Lately

City Girl

Hi, hi, hi! How was your week? It was a rough one coming back from that long Holiday break, amirite? I mean, geeze louise!

Anyway, I've been working a lot on my little studio, carrying things one at a time from my office in San Mateo, a mile to Caltrain station, 17 miles to the city, 2 miles on Muni and then walk it another half mile to my apartment. I'm that silly girl you see with stools, carpets, table legs and calendars on all the public transportation 😂 Hopefully I'll have something to share with you soon! Want to see some before pics? I can show those!

So. Let's talk crushes:

Photos: Nikond3200 35mm / Photographer: Jacob HeathEdits: Adobe Lightroom / Wearing: Top - Lush Sleeveless, Poncho - borrowed, similar.