DIY Hack: Class Up Your Table with Hairpin Legs

Swap your regular table legs for hairpin legs for a modern look

When I moved across the country, I sold all my furniture and had to start completely anew. I would say that's when I realized I have an affinity for modern interiors. What was the first clue? Hairpin legs. 

After a few months in my little SF studio, I had saved enough money to find a table. Eventually, I decided to build one myself, to fit the needs of my small space, and I just knew I wanted hairpin legs. Of course, as I'm sure all my twenty-something readers will understand, I only have so much in my monthly budget to alot to furniture. At the time I wrote this post, I had spent the monthly budget on my kitchen table top and was using cheap Ikea desk legs to hold it up. But when the new month hit, you better believe I spent my entire apartment budget on four hairpin legs. 

I had them sent to my office, and after one particularly difficult commute home on Caltrain/Muni/1.5 mile walk (my box weighed 20 pounds 😳), it turned out to be a very easy switch. I flipped the table over so the legs were in the air. Then I removed the three wood screws holding each Ikea leg to my table top, and swapped them into each hairpin leg. I can't tell you how THRILLED I am with the result. Not only is my table taller now, it just look so much better! The light, slim outline of these hairpin legs is not to be taken for granted in my small space.

It was such an easy process to replace my kitchen table legs. If you're ever looking for a change of pace, I would definitely suggest the switch! Let me know if you do. xox

Swap your regular legs for hairpin legs to make a fancy table
Cute modern tiny kitchen

p.s. I found my legs at I have since learned about and think it's worth checking out. Happy swapping!

Photos: Nikond3200 35mm and kit lens; Edits: Adobe Lightroom / Table top: DIY / Table legs: (28 inch, 3 Rod Leg in raw steel) / Stendig Calendar: gifted / Stools: Amazon