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Ida Street Archives


Annie Heath

Oh happy day!!! Sister#2 is in town from California, & we're heading to Great American Ballpark for my first Reds game of the season. I love the idea of baseball, so much. Let me tell you why :D

NOTE* I was saving this post til Magical Simplicity's birthday :D These were initially my thoughts from Opening Day.

I don't know anything about baseball. & that's probably not shocking. I'm a 23-year-old working woman & still wear ribbons in my hair. Here is what I can claim: The Cincinnati Reds  are my hometown team. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are not. I've heard they were doing really well in 1990, but lost the day I was born. (Sorry Cincy, guess you either got me or a winning baseball team.) (Sure hope it was a good trade.)

I know that Great American Ball Park is on Pete Rose Way. I know that the term "Diamond Seats" is a secret code for royalty. *HINT! Definitely ditch your just-ordered lunch from Dilly Deli when someone calls with an offer for Diamond Seats. It's the only time it will ever be okay. Leave the cash on the table & bolt, people.

I know that baseball means summer, & warmth & friends & grills & hotdogs & icecream. I know that, this year, GABP boasts a brand new craft beer bar. I know that I can hear Fireworks Friday from Columbia Tusculum. I know that baseball is America's pastime. I know when the sun finally  breaks through this icy winter, in all its glorious summer shades, we can stop saying "So, how about this Polar Vortex?!" & start saying, "So, how 'bout them Reds?!"

I love baseball hats. I adore sunshine. I enjoy beer. I swoon forCincinnati. I like the color red. ...So maybe I don't know the important things about baseball. But then again, maybe I know them all.

Either way - I can't wait to see ya at Great American Ball Park. You'll probably find me at the Reds Brewery District Bar... where we can smile & laugh & then say, "So, how 'bout them Reds?"