Repurposing wood scraps for under-counter storage

One of the big problems I have in my small SF apartment is kitchen storage. I have a few under-sink and under-counter cabinets that need to house all my food, glassware, water bottles, kitchen appliances, etc. There's a decent amount of space available, but it's all vertical. So, without shelves, I couldn't utilize it.

Luckily I held on to a few wood scraps left from my corner coffee bar and thought I could try my hand at some quick shelves.

Under Counter Storage
DIY Under Counter Storage

These brackets come in useful packets of four with fitted screws. I didn't know that. I found these for 25 cents each in a used box at the hardware store. Also, because my wood is not quite the size of my cabinets, I could only use three of the brackets on each shelf: two in the back corners and one on the wall-facing side (see photo below).

DIY under cabinet storage

Screw the brackets into the wood. Then use a level to screw the wood shelf into the cabinet. SIMPLE AS THAT. 

So easy. After I added this to the wall it dawned on me I could have painted the cabinet back board or, since it is an apartment, added some kind of removable wall paper or something. Whoops, that would have looked really cute. Next time :D

diy cupboard shelves

Also, I decided to add Cup Hooks for my coffee mugs. It works best to screw these in by hand after the board is hung up.. I had to remove my original hooks from the photos above to screw the shelf in, but I ended up replacing them anyway with a larger "C" for my mug handles. Happy organizing!