Dressed out: pineapple graphic tee

pineapple graphic tee

I don't go out very often. Not really. My style leans toward shared apps at happy hour or a few beers at a cook out. So, you know, not really "dressing out" occasions. But. For some reason in college I had these crazy, strappy, ridiculous heels. &. more surprising, they somehow made it through all my moves after college too  (1,  2 and 3). These shoes were on the road to staying with me forever (!).... until I decided to move across the country.  Shoes like these weigh a pretty penny and I just couldn't justify sacrificing any of my precious 50 pounds of luggage . 

So... on one of my last days in Ohio, I took these bad boys out for a goodbye photo shoot around the hood. Here we go: round three of four Ohio outfits, the out on the town graphic tee -- an alternative way to wear the dressed up graphic tee from yesterday. 

About this outfit: printed jeans, sleeveless tuxedo vest to add some layer and a fun graphic tee. Pretty normal ensemble for me, except for these crazy shoes. Which make it so very different.

On a little side note, I am really digging the sleeveless layers for these inbetween summer and fall days. I have another open vest from Curate Boutique that I've worn here before... twice actually... and I've realllly been eyeing this Modern Citizen sleeveless trench. What do you think? 


Graphic tee: (that my SISTER DESIGNED!!) sold out | similar
Sleeveless vest: From a friend exchange | similar
Printed Jeans: Curate Boutique old | same in limited sizes | similar
Heels: super old | similar
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Sold Out | similar
Photography: Natalie Was Here/ Nikond3200 35mm / Edits: VSCO filters for lightroom