Pumpkin recipe round-up

Last year I went  a little crazy with pumpkin recipes the last week of October. So I thought this year I'd knock it all out early, and in one post. Here's a round up of all the pumpkin recipes you'll find in the Ida Street archives & below that, a list of what I'll be cooking up here in SF this year :D

That was last year. But, I have a love for pumpkin that just won't quit, so up for this year...

Pumpkin french toast (what?!?)
Pumpkin bread
or pumpkin chocolate chip bread (yes.)
Pumpkin baked oatmeal
Pumpkin beer biscuits
Pumpkin grilled cheese

& apparently.. the best pumpkin beer in SF? Jury is out until I get my hands on this to compare to Mad Tree's Great Pumcan... all hail the Great PumKING!