Three words: WAFFLES & CHICKEN (updated: #thewafflecomesfirst #respectthewaffle). It's the perfect meal. It's savory & hot & oh so sweet. But let me back up a little to explain myself. This past Friday I had the distinct pleasure of lunching with CincinNatalie. You know, Natalie was a big reason Magical Simplicity went through a rebranding & relaunch back in April. She's a dear friend of mine (we met at the ripe age of 10(!) & reconnected when we both landed a post-college job at the same downtown ad agency). We've been learning the whole blog business together, often over coffee after 5:45a.m. spinning classes.. but this time, over lunch :)

We met downtown in a mutually favorite neighborhood: Over the Rhine. It only took a moment of waltzing around Vine Street before the sweet smell of waffles drifted our way (okay, I may have imagined the smell after Natalie suggested Taste of Belgium, but, nevertheless...).

Taste of Belgium is an OTR icon. It all started at Findlay Market in 2007. A few short years later, Taste of Belgium has grown to multi-establishment Cincinnati staple. Why the expansion? It's crazy delicious. 

I swear the idea to combine Waffles & Chicken came from God himself. & unlike any of the chicken & waffles I've had before, Taste of Belgium serves theirs with hot sauce. For real. I wanted to cry of happiness just knowing I was eating something so beautiful.

I like the vibe in Taste of Belgium - it's fancy food in a laid back atmosphere. Kind of how I think about myself. You know, when I fancy the thought of comparing myself to a meal. Anywho, Natalie & I had a great time talking strategy, posts, editorial calendars, e-courses, etc. We're really trying to meet up with other Cincinnati Bloggers to do the same type of thing. Sooo, if you're interested in a Cincy Blogger Meet-Up... contact me :D I promise we're really fun. (p.s. she wrote a corresponding post about our date HERE.)  (Apparently this kind of collaboration is called "linking up.") (See, we're already learning!)

Moral of the story, y'all, head down to Taste of Belgium. Get the Waffles & Chicken. Thank me later.

P.S. How do you like my NEW CAMERA!?!? I LOVE IT. So much. & I cannot wait to bring you more posts. xoxo

Photog: Annie &Natalie