June! You got me good. You got me real good. I felt a lot in June. I felt the high highs, & I felt the low lows. I felt every emotion a human can feel, all in June. But, to feel means you are living. & that is the essence of Magical Simplicity: for, to recognize each day for it's small, quiet, happy moments.. well that's when you start to realize the magic.

So June, it's about time we get you in the books! Darlings, a very special "faves"  post below.

The first two weeks of June were madness. We Prolanthropy ladies hosted 10 events for our clients. (Think late night nineties karaoke parties in my office fueled by coffee numero seis.) Anywho, my travels took me to Kansas City. Our hotel was on the edge of the Crossroads Art District & Kelly & I found a few moments to take a walk for some dinner. Sidenote: though my heart will always belong to Eli's.. MAN does KC know their BBQ! Even on just our short walk there was so much art, so many murals & so much culture. & we also stopped at a joint called Hamburger Mary's where they called us "sweethearts" & gave me cake. It was an awesome last day to be twenty three.

From every corner of the country my friends & family showered me with love for my birthday: perfect cards & magical wishes & s'mores desserts of every variety. On my first night back from KC, a few of my favorites took me to Incline Public House - which (fun note!) is City Beat's 2014 staff pick forBest View to take in while dining & drinking. Rightfully so! Sitting atop Price Hill at what used to be one of Cincinnati's five famous inclines (remember those? I somehow thrifted a print of the Mt. Adams Incline a few years ago), our Queen City shines. My iPhone pictures don't do it justice.. you just have to go.

I already knew a lot of the 50 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Cincinnati in this article by Movoto. But since Cincinnati is one of my favorite blog topics, I thought I'd still share. P.S. apparently we Cincinnatians eat more than 2,000,000 pounds of chili a year... topped with 850,000 pounds of shredded cheddar cheese. I'm not a chili fan.. but I swear Skyline cheddar cheese is magic. Anyone else hungry for a cheddar baked potato?

I've been spending a lot of time in Alms Park lately. It started off as a wild chase for the sun, but I quickly realized how peaceful & simple life is when lying still among the flowers. There is nothing more lovely than moments like these.

Have you guys heard this before!? Near the end of June this song Take It or Leave It popped onto the radio while I was pulling into the gym parking lot. It was so good that I stayed in the car just to listen. It's so fun. Reminds me a little of Vampire Weekend + Walk the Moon + truthfully, The Beatles? I did a little research & it looks like this album Melophobia is Cage the Elephant's third. & they're from Bowling Green, KY. Boys, welcome to a top spot on my faves.

On the last weekend of June, my two wonderful roommates & I boxed up our house on Sachem & moved out. Though that particular instance wasn't a fave - reflecting about the many memories, laughs & love we shared together in Columbia Tusculum earns a mention on this list. I could go on, & in fact, I think I will.. click here to read more. (Note: I do say two fabulous roommates. Laura was ill when we had our photo shoot & could not join our fun. Still, can't write it in as a favorite without her :D)

It was almost the final day of June that my sweet Papa passed from our world to a far greater one. Though a terribly tearful occasion, my Papa always taught us to celebrate our loved one's lives rather than to grieve for it. So here's to you, my very favorite, my Papa. You can read more, if you wish, at An Elephant Room in the Sky.

July, get at me. I'm ready to move into my brand new apartment with the bright yellow walls (tomorrow morning!). & I'm spending the Holiday surrounded by a stampede of Pfeifers. There ain't nothin' better.