Hi guys! Guess what? I'm finally home :)  For the past ten days I've been semi-homeless (kinda). My Roomie4Life & I moved out of our house in Columbia Tusculum the last Friday of June. & in natural Annie-Style, I miscommunicated my move-in date with my new landlord & moved straight into a storage unit. Then, as you may know, my sweet Papa passed & we all high-tailed it down to South Carolina to celebrate his life. So, though I moved my possessions into Ida Street on Tuesday the First... it was essentially a dump&go. Fast forward to Sunday the Sixth, when about half way home (again, in perfect Annie-style) I realized my keys were sitting idle in my sister's glove box. That sister was scheduled to return with our mom on Tuesday. So my dad was stuck with me for yet another few nights. 

But as of YESTERDAY, the Eighth... I am finally  home. There are boxes everywhere. I ate peach pie for dinner  (with my hands, because I don't have silverware). It's an absolute disaster... but it is my disaster. I cannot wait to grow & live & love in my adorable little studio in Mt. Adams. Get ready, guys. I have a lot of fun projects coming your way. 

Until next time, Annebelle.

Photog: Jackie Butler.
Dress: Old Navy via Gabriel Brothers (old)
Fedora: Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: Madewell