I've seen a lot of posts today about very powerful women. Stories of endurance & reserve, teeming with gratitude & a lot of love. In them you tell me, "I have the best mother in the world."  & you know what? I believe you. That makes a lot of sense to me.

Mothers create us. Literally. But I'm thinking more about "us." The tiny details that make me who I am. & make you who you are. & make us different from each other. The tiny details that make a person.

For example: Sometimes in the middle of a normal, perfect, hectic moment, I find myself humming. Not to anyone, not to anything. Just humming. 

Sometimes I answer, "Yes, I'll be just another second!" .... as I'm only just starting my makeup. 

I've operated for nearly 24 years under the belief that it's the size of a container that determines the calories. So, then, a normal-sized dessert in a very-small container has very-small calories. 

I have my own language. It features terms like, "You know, the thing in the thing," & "Yes, underneath." 

& I know that, "Could you please put on the hot water?" means that I'm about to have a warm conversation over a hot cup of tea. At any moment of the day. & often at many of them. 

These things I learned from my mother.

You see, moms have this opportunity to teach a tiny human what should be important. They teach us how to survive. They show us how to live. They build us up. Then they let us go. 

It makes sense that you have the best mother in the world. I do too. She made me. She is perfect for me. She is my most important role model. Happy Mother's Day, to every perfect mom. 

But especially to mine.