So guys, I'm moving. Not out of Cincy (obv), but to a new part of town. I'll keep you updated.. but for now, if you know of a single bedroom apartment in walking distance of an independent coffee shop, holla at your girl! Anywho, I wanted to show you one of my absolute favorite neighborhood joints before I move out of the hood! 

Eli's BBQ is, in two words, the best. You probably already knew that. & I sure hope you've been to the perfect little hole-in-a-wall tucked in at 3313 Riverside Dr (right at the merge where Eastern transitions to Riverside).

I'd start with the parking, but I actually don't really know much about it (I always walk!). I definitely see lots of people parking on the side streets.& you'll be able to tell when you're close because of the line.

Eli's is open seven days a week from 11am til 9pm - but I can betchya, no matter the time, there will be a 30 minute line. It goes out the door & down the sidewalk. Worth it. Because... the food.. is... AMAZING. I mean lick your fingers, clear your plate, you'd go back for more if the line wasn't so long GOOD.

But, I jumped ahead. We were at the counter. Eli's vibe is legit. Kind of hipster, super chill, so relaxed.

As you can see, you'll want to have cash on hand. Or, if the Reds are in town...

After you put in your order, head out the back door. You can either grab a picnic table or stake your claim with a blanket in the adjoining park. & crack open a beer! They'll call your name when your food is ready in about thirty minutes.

& it is BYOB (which is honestly one of my fave aspects).

So basically, come here with your best friends, on a great summer night, with a huge appetite.

Things to bring to Eli's:

Eli's, you've been good to me. No way a move across town will be able to keep me away!