May, May, May. You were so fab! I can't believe that we are one weekend away from June - but I'm ready for it! June is our busy season at work (fourteen events in the first three weeks!) & it's the start of all my favorite summer things. & also, I'll be celebrating another year of life. So, May, let's get you in the books: here are some of my May Faves :D

So technically this was the last day of April, but I had May on my mind :) Not important. What's important are these fries. As a Columbia Tusculum resident... for the past two years... obviously I've been to Green Dog Cafe. But my little sister hadn't! She's a 13-year vegetarian, so I knew she would love eating here before we jetted off to The Phantom of the Opera  (I have no words to tell you how amazing Phantom was. & you know I'm rarely speechless..). I actually love the fact that my phone paints this halo around my head because these fries for real make me glow in happiness. God Bless Green Dog Fries Forever.

For the over-a-year I've been working in Florence (y'all), I've wished for a coffee shop. Back at my first post-college job, I walked to Coffee Emporium OTR at least six times a week. My wishes were answered in early May. Velocity Bike & Bean is a half mile  from my office. ONE HALF MILE.  It's a coffee shop in front & a bicycle shop in back! I'm going to be the world's best customer. I can already tell.

On Mother's Day we had a really wonderful family day. My little brother (a rising senior at Hillsdale College) (How?! I feel like I was just telling you about moving him in to his freshman dorm) was in town for a few days before he jetted off to an internship in California. I met my older sister (& her pup) at my parents' house in Loveland. It was a perfect day & we had so much fun testing out my new camera (ok, it's not new. & its actually not mine. My little sister left it at home over the summer while she interns in New York City. But it still was a lot of fun :D)

I told you all  that we're moving out of Columbia Tusculum, right?  Well, on May 13 I signed on at my new apartment! Shout out to my gal Courtney who found it & to my mom who helped me search through a million others. It's on Ida Street in Mt. Adams, a cute little studio with painted yellow walls. I'll be very close to the Cincinnati Art Museum & Playhouse in the Park & I can have a puppy (hint). & since I'm sure you're just dying to know: Yes, I will be able to walk to an independent coffee shop. Bow Tie Cafe, get ready for me.

I love butterflies. There is no creature more magical. The Pura Vida Butterfly Exhibit has been coming to Cincinnati's Krohn Conservatory for years & the tour always falls near my birthday! I hardly believe it myself when I tell you, but this May was the first time I've ever been. Obviously, I loved it. & if anyone can help convince 1,000 butterflies to follow me around everywhere I walk - that would be just great.

<insert video>

I told you in my April Faves that I loved Coldplay's Magic.  Well I decided I liked it so much I should just buy the whole album. I love the entire thing, but my favorite on Ghost Stories is the hidden track, number nine: O. I just think it is so beautiful. Take a listen.  

At the end of May a few of my college roommates came to town for a fabulous reunion weekend. We had the most lovely time, but I won't tell you about it here, because you can read all my thoughts HERE. It's my fave :D

So, Happy Summer people! Hail to white pants & summer nights. Have a magical weekend! xoxo.