Lately I've been obsessed with Alms Park. Do you know it? A lot of people get it confused with Ault Park. They are different. Alms Park is in Columbia Tusculum, at the top of my street. In fact, my house backs up to it. 

Apparently, way back in the day, Alms Park was the perfect place for Native Americans to spy on the early settlers of Columbia. & then later, for Nicholas Longworth to create his famous Catawba wine. But mostly, I just use it to relax.  It is so lovely. I almost am hesitant to tell you about it - I covet the Cincy gem more than anything. But you deserve to know. So let's begin :D

There's this secret hidden path that cuts through our woods to the top of the park.

At the top, most people head for the river overlook, which is really beautiful (actually, there's been a wedding there every weekend this spring). But not me. My favorite spot is this grassy overlook of Lunken Airport. It's kind of hidden. Sometimes I'm the only person lounging in the sun.

When my college roommates were in town last weekend, we needed a really low-impact activity for Sunday. (Don't have quite the stamina we did in college for beverages...) (like, seriously though). &, though I'm not much of a yogi (much to my despair, all the cool people are yogis), I did have fun documenting our trip. & jumping in for some core near the end.

But truthfully, if you're asking, my favorite activity will always remain parking it in the sun with a good book. (See what I did there? Parking it... because it's a park...) :D

Happy Monday, y'all. I hope that you have a really awesome week. If you can, try to make it to one of our amazing Cincinnati Parks... maybe with an umbrella though. Apparently we are to expect rain. Gotta love Cincy weather :D

 Photog: Annie Butler & Leisa Kozak