There is always joy in a child's eye - shining, twinkling, glowing. Sometimes it's more noticeable with a fresh snow blanketing the neighborhood - for a chid loves snow for the snowman. Sometimes its more noticeable when wearing a princess gown to breakfast - for who is more pretty than the two-year-old twirling through the kitchen in the yellow gown from Beauty and the Beast? Little children know how to live.

I've been reflecting on several lessons from the tiniest of teachers this week:

  • Kiss hard. Put everything you have into it. Addy is two. She kisses so hard that it knocks you off balance. Everyone should kiss like that.
  • Sometimes its better to just leave the gloves inside. In his rush to make it into the snow, three year old Oliver did not have time for gloves. His snow-cat was just as lovely, the snow tasted just as delicious. Be spontaneous.  
  • Wonder at small things. To Madeleine, there is nothing in the world more exciting than the train coming to the train station. Enjoy little moments. 
  • Dance.  & do take your notes from little Amaya in the video.