I get lost in projects. Give me a pencil and some headphones - it'll be seven hours before I come back into the "real world." Give me a story to write about, I may never go to bed. These ideas take a hold in pockets of my mind, burrowing and growing and inspiring until it has a life of its own - and just needs someone to give it form.

I recently had the idea to repurpose my second blog, the one chronicling my dream to write and illustrate a novel, into more of a website. I could have asked someone to help - but the idea struck too quickly. Before I knew it, I was swimming in code and html (with which I had limited experience) and burning through the wee hours of the morning to make my vision take form.

For me - these ideas and dreams are a magical simplicity. They teach me about who I am and who I can be. It's nice to get lost in a dream every once in a while, and I admit I've been doing it quite often. Please though - take a look at my new site & recent magical simplicity.