I study beauty. Beauty in people, beauty in places, beauty in the sky and the clouds and the sun. People are the most exquisite creatures. As a species, we are so similar and yet how different, as well. A perfect example? My younger twin siblings: Jack is a boy, Colleen a girl. Jack is 6 feet tall, Colleen is 5 foot 3. Jack - blonde hair, Colleen brown. Jack blue eyes, Colleen brown. Jack right handed, Colleen left. Jack left brained, Colleen right. Jack extremely disciplined, Colleen a free spirit. Born on the same day, at the same time, from the same parents. Yet two exquisitely unique people.

I have a passion for people. I love to see their smiles, to watch their faces, to understand what makes them happy. & I have such a deep admiration for those who are sad, because sadness can be consuming. Yet - it doesn't always consume. The strongest people I know have seen the most torment and also experienced the most happiness. They are beautiful.

There is a story to every person. Each body you pass in the street. Each smiling stranger that greets you good morning at the corner. Every co-worker who glances and nods. We are the most exquisite creatures. Have you ever noticed?