It's when I come home with a bag of cheetos and a diet mountain dew;
When I choose the hotel with a continental breakfast;
When I sing along to oldies as I'm driving across town.

It's when I make my cookies extra chocolatey;
When I karoke in my seat at dinner;
When I fall asleep on the couch. 

It's when we're at weddings, and people see our dance moves;
It's in pictures, and people see our profiles;
It's on the plane, and I make friends with the unknown passenger next to me. 

It's when I draw, and remember his talent. 
It's when I write, and see our sentence structure. 
It's when I speak, and remember his grace at countless podiums. 
It was when I coached, and tried to emulate him.
It was when I mowed the lawn... Oh wait... that one doesn't work. 

"You are your father's daughter," I hear it all the time. And every time, I smile - there couldn't possibly be a better compliment. Happy father's day, to the man who taught me everything.