Ikea Hack! Making Cheap Succulents Look Boutique

potted succulent diy

I do NOT have a green thumb. I'm about as far from it as you can get. Like, I kill succulents and cacti on a regular basis. But that doesn't mean I don't want to be a plant person. My black thumb just means I have to find greenery on the cheap. That's where Ikea comes in. They have alllllll kind of succulents for just a few dollars! On a recent trip, I came out with four different plants, and four vases to boot. 

My friend suggested that I add rocks to my deep vases and avoid tons of unnecessary dirt.  So on my way home from work one day I stopped at Michaels for a few different styles of rocks - these are usually in the back aisle by the fake plants. I love the way it turned out, and the bonus about having a glass vase is that I can see that I don't over or underwater my succulents ---- I have a feeling that is what has killed them in the past. 

Anywayyy, how do you like this look? Could you guess these were Ikea succulents? With only a few extra dollars, do they look super boutique? I hope the latter :D

Hope you had a phenomenal weekend. xoxoxox

cute succulents
pretty succulents diy

4 Ikea Succulents = $12
3 Short Square Ikea Glass Vases = $9
1 Tall Square Ikea Glass Vase: $5
4 Bags of Colored Rocks (Michaels) = $13
Total: $39

PS: Like my little studio set up (below)? Ha! Blogger life. 

Photos: Nikond3200 kit lens and 35mm | Edits: Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop