A One-Weekend Itinerary for Portland, OR

Heaven is a place on earth.
vodoo doughnuts

I didn't know much about Portland when we booked our trip to the city a few weeks ago. I had heard of Voodoo Doughnuts and seen a few episodes of Portlandia. That was about it.

So, I asked my cool older sister what her top suggestions would be, and then posed the same question to a few coworkers and friends. Portland is a popular destination, apparently, and suddenly I had suggestions out to Wazoo.

In the end, my travel buddy and I each decided to pick a "must see" from the suggestion list, and then we chose one together. These three activities became the backbone of our itinerary. It was a pretty fun weekend, all in all, and I thought I'd share our little schedule for those of you thinking of a visit to the City of Roses.

Day One:
Land at 8am
Brunch in downtown Portland
Walk through the city
Moltnomah Falls (this was our jointly picked activity)
Dinner in Boise (East Portland)
Drinks at a few of the breweries nearby

Day Two:
Sleep in
Voodoo Doughnuts for brunch (this was my activity)
Pearl District for drinks, breweries, coffee shops, shopping and dinner (this was my travel buddy's activity)
Powell's City of Books (while walking through the Pearl District)
Fly out at 9pm

Other tips: Rent a car, it's so worth it.  Bring a jacket, an umbrella, and a beanie 😋. It will rain, and it will likely be cold. There will be a line for Voodoo, but it's a shorter line at the location across the river! You'll love the Pearl District. Wear walking shoes and comfortable pants for spontaneous hikes and lots of brewery drinks. Let me know how it goes :)

Photos: Jake Heath and Annie Butler; Edits: Adobe Lightroom