Red Lipstick and Pixilated Photos

Suppppaahhh pixilated. Yea, I know. A few days ago I ambushed my photographer for these photos. The sun was setting fast and I was running late. I ordered myself an Uber X -- a real luxury, because I always opt for Muni or Uber Pool to save those dolla dolla bills, yo -- and rushed to his apartment. When I walked in, he was rocking wet hair and getting ready to attend the ballet. But still, I made him run outside with me because I was wearing makeup and wanted to document the rare occasion. 

Initially I was planning to title this blog post "how to wear sneakers with a skirt," but, we actually didn't get any decent photos to show you. There's one dark and shadowy photo below, which can kind of give you an idea. But, my advice for the subject is this.... sneakers + skirt = IN. I walk past an Anthropologie Window every day after work and it's all the rage on the mannequins. And as we've discussed before, wear it with enough confidence, and no one will ever question you.

In other news: Daylight Savings Time is this weekend. I've been eating this overnight slow cooker quinoa oatmeal for a week. I found some great thrift stores on Haight Street, and I'm in the process of building a hanging shelf for my kitchen. Can't wait to share more with you. 

Sending lots of love. 

Sneakers and a skirt

Photos: Jacob Heath, Nikond3200 35mm | Edits: Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop | Glasses: Frameri Twain in Rye | Cape: TJMaxx, Similar | Shirt: Sold out, Similar | Skirt: Old, SImilar | Shoes: Thrifted, Similar