Beanies and sneaks: Keeping it weird in Portland

Girl in beanie

One of the reasons I wanted to move to the west coast was to explore the country. I love Ohio and the midwest, but from there, so much of this beautiful country seemed really far away. Not anymore!

This weekend I took a flash trip to Portland, Oregon. On early Saturday morning (4:30am) I left my apartment  in the TenderNob for a 6:15am flight with Alaska Airlines. By 8:30am I was in the City of Roses :D It was sooo beautiful and sooo fun and I feel extremely lucky that I was able to take a weekend trip to such a cool city. I got back on Sunday night around 11:30pm. If you'd like to hear about the flash trip itinerary, shoot me an email or comment below. In the meantime let's talk about this fun little outfit. 

Portland is a lot colder, and wetter, than SF and I really didn't bring the right jacket for the occasion. Or at least, that's how I justified buying this beanie when I ducked into a local boutique Sunday morning to get out of the rain. If I'm being honest, I was mostly jealous of all the cute, beanie-wearing-locals strolling the sidewalks around me. They looked so warm and stylish and I partially bought this beanie to feign being a hipster and fit in. No regrets.

This athletic look is a little different than what I usually sport (sorry, I had to pun), but I kinda love it. What do you think?


Photographer: Jacob HeathPhotos: NIkond3200 35mm | Edits: Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop | Beanie: Filson'sGlasses: Frameri Twain in RyeSneakers: Thrifted, Similar | Jeans: Took from my mom, but I think she got them at Sam's Club!  | Jacket: J.Crew Factory Old, similar | Cardigan: Anthroplogie Old, similar | Shirt: Nordstrom Rack Sold Out, similar | Purse: Madewell