Some really exciting things happened in September!

Early on I had my first professional photo shoot for a feature by Cincy Chic. It was super fun + you can read the full article here.

Keeping with my Cincy Chic week, I also attended a great Fashion Show downtown where I met a whole host of local fashion bloggers + got to talk shop with some of the coolest :) You can read more about what we did here (spoiler: those amazing teal heels bottom center played a part!) Also, I didn't tell you! We decided that it was a great idea to start a Facebook page so you lovely readers can follow the Cincy Style Bloggers all together! That link is here.

I started a cooking series with my sister + have never eaten so well in my life. We have a TON of fun recipes coming your way in the coming weeks (& have already posted a few: here & here!).

I got to spend time as Cousin-Aunt Annie (one of my favorite things).

I obsessed over this song + listened to it on repeat for an entire two days. (Seriously. So magical, right?)

At the very end of the month my sister came into to town from San Francisco & we got to take a trip to Blooms & Berries for a walk through the Sunflower Fields (post coming tomorrow!). It was seriously cool.

I also Beer Fest-ed in Fountain Square & then Oktober Fest-ed the next weekend (I'm a true Irish-German at heart). I traveled a whole bunch & saw a lot of fun cities: DetroitDC + Dallas to be exact. Also, this list. You know me, always trying to single handedly determine the best brunch spots in the city. Cincinnati Refined did some nice research to consider.

It's officially fall + I am officially loving it. Cheers with an apple cider + champagne mimosa (my friend at Book Club taught me about this drink. It's to die for.) Love you, guys! Xo Annie