Bow Tie Cafe:  Coffee. Conversations. Cocktails.
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When I was looking for a new apartment I had one requirement: walking distance to an independent coffee shop. & I am very happy to tell you that I kept to my rule. Today I am going to show you around my new neighborhood joint, a Cincinnati original: Bow Tie Cafe.

Bow Tie Cafe is on the corner of St. Gregory & Pavillion. & just like everything in Mt. Adams, it was built on a hill. You literally step down into the cafe, which lends to a real "insiders' feel". Almost like a secret clubhouse, where you have to know it's there or you might miss it. But don't get the wrong idea! Because "exclusive club house" is furthest from how Bow Tie Cafe feels when you are actually there! The baristas are happy & warm & kind. The coffee is delicious. & they have other beverages too.. of the alcoholic variety. So Bow Tie is perfect, both if you'd like to take an offsite for work during  the day (coffee!) (& because work is so much better at a coffee shop, don't you agree?) (Which also reminds me - do any of you use Coffitivity?) & for after (cheers!)

There is definitely a working environment: huge tables, a terrific white board, lots of plugs and outlets (even on the terraced patio outside). You can feel the creativity brewing (pun intended) the moment you walk through the door. They describe their food menu as "casual bistro fare." Let me tell you right now - it is G.O.O.D. Evidence: my breakfast.

"If you wanna be somebody, you gotta rock a bow tie." - Kunta Littlejohn

But aside from all those amazing things, the best part about Bow Tie Cafe is the back story. Basically, it all began when owner Dhani Jones heard the above quote. The originator of that quote was Jones' good friend, Kunta Littlejohn, who was later diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Jones started Bow Tie Cafe & Bow Tie Cause in 2010 to spread Littlejohn's message. Straight from the website: "Essentially Bow Tie Cafe is based on the idea that if you rock the bow tie, then you are choosing to support something that is greater than you."

I've always prefered a man in a bow tie & now, with such a phenomenal story to quote, I surely will even more. Bow Tie Cafe, thanks for being such a welcoming neighbor :)

I'll be seeing you!