Hellllllo, lovelies. We have a few days left of National Ice Cream Month & I want to help you make the most of it.... ice cream connoisseur that I am. (In cleaning my wallet I have found I'm the proud owner of five ice cream cards + four coffee rewards cards.) (Yes, seriously.)

So here's the rundown of an ice-cream-aholics Cincinnati Ice Cream Staples:

1: Aglamesis Bros: (1908) Located in Oakley (though I hear there is a second establishment in Mongtomery) Aglamesis is an old-school ice cream parlor if I ever have seen one. For real! They sit you down & wait on you: everything from a menu, to ice cold water, to adorable  ice cream dishes. It was intimidating at first.. but it kind of makes things special. + their ice cream is top notch... one hundred years in the biz will do that.

2: Graeter's: (1868) Graeter's is one of those Cincinnati staples. & I can't blame the hype. When Louis Graeter moved to Cincinnati in 1868 & started selling ice cream in the street market - our city was forever changed. People ship Graeter's across the world. Their chocolate chips are the size of my fist. The Buckeye Blitz & Salted Caramel grace my dreams. Luckily, I'm not the only one that feels this way -- you can find a Graeter's in just about every neighborhood in Cincy. & their rewards card really adds up. So get that too.

3: Yagoot: You know, I wasn't sure if Yagoot was a Cincinnati original until I wrote this blog post. & technically it's fro-yo, not ice cream. But for my purposes, I shall let it remain. Yagoot: the first one I knew of was located in Rookwood Commons, though I know for a fact they also have one at Kenwood Mall (across from Starbucks) (Sustaining my theory that ice cream + coffee is the world's best combo). It's a little more tart than you might expect, tastes like you literally froze a yogurt. I go original & add peanut butter cups & cheesecake bites. Also, rewards card: yes. It's a good one. I have it.

4: Dojo Gelato: God opened the heavens the day my friend Teddy introduced me to Dojo Gelato. (Literally, it was raining.) We were waltzing around Findlay Market for our lunch hour when he said, "Annie you have to try this." Boom. My heart has never felt so full. Now, Dojo has a traveling truck that pops up at my favorite establishments (Like Eli's, The City Flea, & ya know, everywhere I find myself...) (...I think they follow me). I get Dutch Chocolate + Salted Caramel. Every time. If you tell me its "too rich," I'll snatch the cup right out of your hand.

5: Whippy Dip: For all my Lovelander's out there... The Whippy Dip (or the Creamy Whip as the non-locals call it) is my childhood. It's one of the drive-up or walk-up joints. All outdoor seating. Cash only. But their chocolate dipped ice cream cone in chocolate dipped hardening sauce.. holy smokes. I ask for a cup on the side of mine, & a spoon, because you bet it'll melt pretty fast in the seasonal-only heat. Also, this is a great date place. Yes, I know from experience. I also know, if you're ending a date at the Whippy Dip - you should bring bug spray. & YOU should know, if you're ending a date with me at the Whippy Dip - I'll probably fall in love with you. Crushes + Ice cream = Boyfriend Material.

6:  Putzs: I've only been here once. It's somewhere on the West Side. Colerain, maybe? It reminded me of the Whippy Dip & made enough of an impression to find its way on my Cincinnati Gem List.

7: Madisonos: I stumbled upon this in Rempke Market one day & just about died. One taste of Pretzel Chocolate Crunch Gelato (or something to that effect) & my grocery trips doubled in frequency. A little research shows that, though a popular gelato indeed, this Cincinnati Staple has no true home. But here's a list of where you can buy it. (& I highly suggest you do.)

8: Buono Terra Gelato: Welcome to Mt. Lookout! My old stomping grounds! This Gelato place graced Mt. Lookout Square in the Summer of 2013. Though I can't say I loved it (not enough chocolate for my taste), I do like that it's there. A lot.

9: Fillmore's Dairy Hut: FLORENCE. Y'ALL! I guess I'm jumping city lines by including this, but Fillmore's is right by my office. There's something like 27 froyo flavors. I've never had any. Because... there's a magnificent, glorious, stupendous treat called a Cyclone. Chocolate (or vanilla, I guess) Ice Cream with any candy you want mixed in. Obviously I chose Reeces Cups. + they have crinkle fries. So bad... but oh-so-good. Did I mention how dangerously close Fillmore's is to my office?

10: The Cone:  Westchester. I've never been!!! Who can fill me in? UPDATE... quoted word for word from my friend Courtney Jo: "The thing about The Cone is that they have a drive-thru but it's also a walk-up & its shaped like a cone & its water fountain is a lion & they have little kid rides." (Annie interjects: The website says its Cincinnati's #1 Soft Serve) "Seriously, its poppin'. There are cars everywhere & people everywhere. Obviously. It's the #1 Soft Serve. That's my story & I'm sticking to it."

BONUS (& edit:) UDF: A Cincinnati original started by the great Cincinnatian, Carl Lindner (who knew?!). I can't write up an ice cream post without mentioning this perfect ice cream shop. I think I get UDF at least once a week. My fave is a chocolate deep freeze with Reeces (are you sensing a trend?)

What am I missing guys? Fill me in. I'm trying to make a comprehensive Cincinnati-List. Ice Cream & I are in a long term relationship, you see, so it's best I know these things. So go ahead!! In the comments below, please!

 & in the meantime, from me to you (& my boyfriend of the frozen dairy variety) - have one happy heck of a finale to your National Ice Cream Month.