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Ida Street Archives


Annie Heath

Hellllllo! I am back & I have a little self diagnosed sun poisoning! (I'm from Ohio guys, that Southern Sun called to me like Siren... I blame geography.) Anyway, I thought, if you're interested, I'd share a few of my photos from this past week in Siesta Key, Florida. I told you last week that I was crashing my good friend, Courtney's, family vacation. My oh my, you know how some days you can just tell that you've met a really good person? Well I spent my week with nine of them. I could never thank them enough for inviting me into their home away from home. 

Siesta Key is as beautiful & colorful as it looks. I had a fantastic week of sun all day & ice cream every night (I  is National Ice Cream Month, right?). & now that I'm back (besides mourning the loss of the sun, seriously, has it been raining since I left?!?) I've been working on The Studio! As a direct quote from my father: "It's starting to look like a real apartment in here, Annie." (Keep your eyes open for my favorite DIY yet. I'm calling it the Corner Coffee Bar & it's almost done & I can't wait to share it with you!) Update: here it is!!

Anywho, thanks for taking a peek into my trip. It sure was one heck of a good one. Have a happy Monday. I promise if we stick together, we can make it through! Xo, Annie