welcome to the jungle.

yesterday i attended my very first nfl football game. i was told following the game that not everyone enters the world of football in such style. but i think theres no better way.

the weather was perfect. the game was a nail biter the bengals won in the last ONE second (literally!) of the game with a field goal (maybe? im not very good with football terminology.. but it was three points). Our seats were killer- in the family section because our dear family friend ryan (pictured to the left) scored us our tickets.

Afterward ben and i made our way down to the family and press waiting area and watched the ben-gals strut out of the locker rooms, tap-tapping their heels and towing their suitcases in perfect unison. They were followed by the players, all of whom were smiling at a game well-played. Children were bent double over the small gate that separated us from the players, trying to get autographs and pictures, hugs and high fives. it was the perfect sunday.

time to work on my football facts, because id like to make a habit out of the nfl. cincinnati-style.. whodey.