I did a very grown-up thing today. when i realized that the only clean clothing left to wear was what my sister has dubbed the "amish skirt" it was time to come to terms with the idea of a laundromat. ive been doing my own laundry for an eternity, but this year is the first that my apartment is not equipped with its own machines.

so today i became acquainted with sud-city on chestnut street. it was a very slow and uncomfortable process (that ended with a few new bleach stains on my pattersons polo and two mysterious orange spots on my favorite shirt) but otherwise it was harmless.

i feel like it was a right of passage into adulthood. or perhaps into glamorous city life- i always have associated laundromats with

sex and the city

or my sisters san francisco flat. funny that i gained the right in the heart of midwest farmland- also known as oxford, ohio. where if you listen hard enough you can hear the corn grow.